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Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce

The role of the Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate local business networking, offer education opportunities, represent the needs and values of businesses within the community and provide members with opportunities for promotion.

The Chamber does this by hosting regular events, workshops and seminars, and through its website and very active Facebook page.  

The Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce welcomes members from businesses of all sizes in the Beenleigh Yatala Area. Our members include major manufacturers, retailers, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and home-based businesses, and many other business categories including service industries, such as accountants, lawyers, and job networks.

The Chamber offers an interactive forum for all local business people and seeks to promote a dynamic and successful business network within the Beenleigh Yatala Area. The Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce offers a range of services to members. Joining the Beenleigh Yatala Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your business and community. If you would like to find out more about the Chamber of Commerce please join us at one of our upcoming events or contact the president. Hope you enjoy!!

Vision Statement:

"A balanced, prosperous and informed business community creating unity, interaction and cooperation between all local enterprises"

Mission Statement:

"To provide an interactive forum for all local enterprises within the Beenleigh Yatala Area in order to foster a cooperative and successful business network."


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  Our Next Event September AGM 21st September 2018